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CCTV cameras are commonly seen in public places like: supermarkets, malls, sports stadium, train station and offices and banks. The system is considered an efficient way of surveillance to monitor large areas in real-time. CCTV is a closed circuit television camera system but it differs from the conventional broadcast television as its elements are connected via a cable or wireless system.

Many times, an image captured via a CCTV camera been useful in identifying the criminals during massive terrorist attacks. Now, with increased terrorist and criminal activities, security agencies have started taking instructional programs to guide even a common household about their personal security masseurs. There are thousands of surveillance security cameras installed in California recently following the advice and the guidelines of security agencies.

What Are The Basics Of A CCTV Camera?

A CCTV camera is consists of three basic components: a camera, a recording system and a monitor. The cameras are available in various styles. For the home security, dome camerais there in its indoor modules. To cover a large area for monitoring and real time recording you may probably have to invest on devices other then the basic components. A common size household may effectively monitored by a quad cam. This is a basic kit meant especially for homeowners who wants to protect their house from burglaries or want to monitor activities during the absence. A quad cam kit consists of four wireless camerasincluding with a monitor and a recording device.

Updating A Basic CCTV Camera

Security camera systems come in various sizes and type to suit one’s individual need. But it’s not that once you have bought a camera system you cannot make improvement in its capabilities. Their performance can anytime update by advance devices and special lenses. For instance, you didn’t buy a high resolution night vision camera at the first place but by the time you feel like having a clear night vision in your camera then you may get that by installing an infrared illuminator under your old camera’s bracket.

How Do These Camera Systems Work?

CCD technology, where CCD stands for Charge Coupled-Device is used in most modern CCTV cameras. The technology uses silicon chip instead of normal film to obtain the picture captured by the camera lens. After receiving the image the device convert it into electronic pulses. You can view these images fixed or zoomed as per your need.

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